Commercial Repair & Maintenance Service

Success is our focus, always.

Electrical Engineering

We keep electricity on.

Commercial Property Security

Your security is priority.

Handyman Maintenance & Locksmith

If its broken we will fix it.

Commercial Plumbing

Keeping pipes flowing.

Commercial Cleaning

High sanitary standards.

Painting & Decorating

Ensuring full coverage.

Bulb Vendor

Supplying hospitality for events.

At J Norwood, putting the customer first is our business. Our main operation is delivering commercial maintenance services to businesses specifically working with local authorities and educational institutes. Our clients enjoy working with us because we lead with a solution-driven approach to maintenance. Please contact our team immediately if you want to learn more about us and how we can work on your next project.

Our services are unique as we operate all maintenance services, making it easy for you to access the required service in one place. We cover areas from repairs, decorating, plumbing, electrics, heating, carpentry, and locksmith. You will never be left in the dark as we operate a tracking, monitoring and reporting process that keeps you updated on the project’s progress.

We also offer an out of hours contact, for emergency issues that may require urgent attention.

What we do for you

J Norwood delivers professional and reliable commercial maintenance services.

Maintenance Service

 Commercial equipment can require regular maintenance to proactively

reduce the likelihood of the appliances becoming faulty and a danger to users.

Some commercial equipment carries a mandatory maintenance by law, which is known as Maintenance Statutory


Repair service

We offer our customers several solutions to their faulty equipment or appliances at a very competitive price. Why not shop around for the most cost-effective quote?

Emergency support

we offer an outside-of-working-hour emergency service for issues that may be require urgent attention. If we can’t resolve your issue. we strive to offer the best temporary solution.

Risk Management

Safety at Work Regulations 1999 illustrates that all places

of work must carry out a risk assessment to measure the risk of employees. We

have expert operatives to carry out these assessments for you to meet

government standards.

Insurance Cover

We can arrange for insurance to cover the array of equipment that help you to do your job. Protect your equipment from theft, damage and wear and tear. (Insurance provided by third-party broker)

Hospitality/Events –
Bulb Vendor

J Norwood runs a vendor team with over 20+ combined years of experience within the hospitality industry. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide interpersonal service to our customers.

A leading commercial maintenance & repair service

To speak with a member of our team, please send us an email or complete our enquiry form below.

Latest Projects

Discover some of our recent projects

Hackney Tomlinson Centre

Commercial office cleaning to entire office block consisting of 20 office rooms 13 restroom facilities.

University of Arts

Repair and maintenance of facilities lift.

Castle Square

Commercial office cleaning to entire office block consisting of 20 office rooms 13 restroom facilities.


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